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From right to left of the political ideological spectrum, populism seems on the rise and it’s a global phenomenon!

We, as dancers and movement researchers, tried to interrogate the body  studying the responses.

How can the body be political?

Are there such  things like populistic moves?

“Trumpet” is an invitation to slow down and look at details and small differences, in an historical time were we want fast and simple solutions to complex matters.

“Trumpet” put attention on the behavior of masses and tries to understand how extremism get formed.

TRUMPET was made for a shared choreographic evening "Kopf bis Fuss" and premiered in Stadt Haus Ulm the 2nd of August 2018.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Lorenzo Ponteprimo
DANCERS: Cecilia Ponteprimo, Marcella Centenero,

                   Jeff Pham, Ines Meissner

MUSIC: Boban Markovic
PRODUCER: Stado Compagnia Danza

Produced by:
Supported and founded by:
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