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Children of Vanilla

"A great motif of movement" -

“Children of Vanilla” it’s an investigation of the individual as one and as part of a group. What makes a person a person? It begin with an origin of data transmitted with a DNA code, it continues into a slow but constant influence of the inputs that are surrounding us. Growing up we develop a more sophisticated sense of empathy that connects and put us in closer contact with each other. Eventually this is the ground to create other individuals that will have to make their path in the society. “Children of Vanilla” tries to analyze one fragment of this process.

Choreography: Lorenzo Ponteprimo.

Dancers: Brecht Bovijn, Thomas Walschot, Abel Hernàndez, Sebastian Piotrowicz.

Music: Adam Ster

Producers: Theater Heidelberg, Nanine Linning Dance Company

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This piece was created to be part of a young choreographers evening: "Unframed", organized and supported by Heidelberg theatre and Nanine Linning Dance Company. 

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