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(prova 1)

The piece shows itself has an attempt on researching how the movement can be influenced and spontaneously carried on without the lead of the mind. No pre ideas, no tasks or thoughts are at the base of it.  Just a mixture of pure instinct, sensation and spontaneity. 

It' s an attempt on showing how the specific “self” of a person can be shown through the movement.

The choreography tries to reveal how body and mind can be connected with the specific individual and how different texture the body language can have thanks to or without a pre set mind.

To obtain that, we tried to put ourself in a trans state of mind and body, through the use of long repetition. Starting from a opposite approach where is very clear the connection  from mind to body we are trying to reach the point where a spontaneous flow is leading,  showing the more sensitive connection from body to mind.

CONCEPT: Lorenzo Ponteprimo

DANCED AND CHOREOGRAPHED BY: Iacopo                               Loliva and Lorenzo Ponteprimo

MUSIC: Luis Andriessen, Fabrizio De Andrè




We had the chance to performen at the TANKTURM FEST as part of the Architecture Days 2017:

"Change the city, change the life."see:
With the kind support of the Maison européenne de l 'architecture - Rhin supérieur 

and the Chamber of Architects of Baden-Württemberg


We got selected for the young choreographers evening during the biennale of dance of Heidelberg 2018, having the possibility to be part of an event with internatinally acclaimed choreographers and companies.



(prova 2)

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-14 at 14.12.58.jpeg

"Antenna" was subsequently reworked in the end of 2018 to expand the representation of the initial concept. This new version saw Cecilia Ponteprimo stepping in the creative process and performances from that point on. 


Ulm Moves Tanzfestival 2019.

Freier Tanz im Delta 2019

We presented this piece several times in high schools in the Rein-Neckar Region as part of a program to expose younger generations to cotemporary dance

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