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Domenico Strazzeri

For Strazzeri, his work is very down to earth – just normal and straight out of the box. His ideas often arise from everyday situations, from people and things that surround him. Anything that impresses him in any way can one day become a choreography.

Domenico tells stories with all means of expression at his disposal: body, movement, voice, text, music - sometimes just noise, light, projection, costume and stage design. It is not his style to commit himself to one division. It goes without saying that he cannot do everything alone, which is why he always brings creative minds on board, to whom he entrusts his visions in the truest sense of the word.


"Why do I need feet when I have wings?"

This statement by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo shows her vulnerability along with her strength and courage in one sentence.

Frida was not the kind of woman who let her tragedies get her down. Her paintings gave expression to her pain, her emancipated combative nature was unimpressed by the conventions of Mexico in the last century. The Strado Compagnia will bring the great pain, but also the euphoria of this impressive personality, to the stage next December. Dancers often walk a fine line too, breaking their own limits to follow an inner voice. Until the body screams.

Frida Kahlo shows in her pictures what the dancer tells with his body. Stories of a turbulent life full of passion and colour, full of joie de vivre and revolution.

We look through her pictures directly into her soul, going deep into her background. The Compagnia brings some of their works of art to life by dancing and goes right into the middle of the creative process: the impulses before the creative process, the act of painting and the path to the unique result. We tell all of this in moving and moving images, linked to stories from the life of the committed artist.


WITH: Ines Meißner, Hanna Münch, Marcella Centenero,                                 Katherina Krummenacher, Daniela Molina Garfias, Jeff Pham.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Domenico Strazzeri
TRAINING: Ursula Frühe
STAGE: Katrin & Domenico Strazzeri
LIGHTS: Paul Stauber
COSTUMES: Christina Schlumberger
MUSIC: João Hoyler Correia


Premiere: Dezember 2019

Tom Waits

Thom wartet

TomWaits. This is a famous name that conjures up rough, smoky timbres, nightclubs, rhythm and blues, jazz and rock, happiness and melancholy, longing, pain, whisky, cigarettes and much more.

In its new performance, the Strado Compagnia Danza looks at Tom, the artificial figure with real features. Tom carries stranded dreams on his tongue, hovers at eye level with curb swallows, and composes poetry for all the good-for-nothings and loafers who seek their fortunes in the bottom of a bottle.

The evening is about these stories, the truth of which becomes a careless side issue, as well as waiting per se, perseverance and expectation, which everyone knows but hardly anyone can stand. It's about waiting for love, waiting at the supermarket checkout and finally being on the right side of the street. Waiting for retirement to start life, or just waiting for your loved one to take your hand.

WITH: Ines Meißner, Hanna Münch, Christina Zaraklani, Katherina                       Krummenacher, Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Jeff Pham.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Domenico Strazzeri
TRAINING: Ursula Fruehte
STAGE: Katrin Strazzeri
LIGHT: Paul Stauber
COSTUMES: Christina Schlumberger
MUSIC: João Hoyler Correia, Tom Waits

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