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I Love my Person

"I Love my Person" it's a customised instant composition performance that investigates the relation between the performer, his body in it's current state and it's history, under the intention of bettering the understanding of ones self. Movement is used to manifest the inner talks we constantly have in our heads with ourselves, that can cause rumination and can end up in a negatively distorted perception of who we are. Buy giving those voices a platform, they become apparent, and we gain more power over our own narration. The fight for freedom to be and allowance to celebrate who Jurgen is, is the direction towards which our creative efforts went. The piece was inspired on a little comic I drew about a lonely guy that sees everything under a negative view, until he finds "the treasure" that will help him to come out of his mentally constructed hell.

"Geral's world"
where the idea began

The piece was produced by and performed in EinTanzHaus Mannheim as part of the "1 x 1" festival. 

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