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A third picture production

A heart starts beating. A person starts moving. Spaces are built. Restrictions become experiences. Tightness becomes extensiveness.A dance film starring Brecht Bovijn in connection with an installation by Nicola Falley and a suit sculpture by Leon Emanuel Blanck.

Dancer: Brecht Bovjin
Regie: Laura Mahlberg
Concept: Laura Mahlberg & Vincent von Tiedemann
Choreography: Lorenzo Ponteprimo, Brecht Bovjin, Marie-Louise Hertog
Image Design: Vincent von Tiedemann
Camera Assistent: Lucca Donalies
Drone: Moritz von Bock
Oberbeleuchter: Max Andor & Nicolas Bori
Music: Thomas Walschot
Editing: Alexandra Rilli & David Münch
Installation: Nicola Falley – "Sänfte II"
Costumes: Leon Emanuel Blanck
Photography: Denisa Tanase
Color corrector: David Münch & Vincent von Tiedemann

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