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Kiwi 2000

Choreography: Lorenzo Ponteprimo

Performers: Iacopo Loliva

                      David NIgro

                      Charlotte De Clercq
                      Markus Oppermann
                      Francesca Ciaffoni
                      Gido Van Ooijen
                      Marika Meoli
                      Astrid Bramming
                      Cecilia Castellari

The choreography come from the desire to analyse and investigate the relation between daily life and performance. This is expressed trough kindness, vulnerability, safe and dangerous zone, private actions and thoughts, and moments that are part of our past. All this is going to be expressed also trough the particular relation that we will have with our audience and the space that we use. In fact, because is a local performance, presented in the changing room, the show will require a small amount of people per time, in order to give to each viewer a personal, close and intimate experience of it.

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