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Ricardo Fernando

Ricardo Fernando is the winner of the “Recognition Award of the German Dance Price 2015” (Anerkennungspreis der Deutscher Tanzpreis 2015) and received his award on the 28th of March 2015 in a Ballet Gala at the Aalto Theatre Essen. In 1993, starts Ricardo Fernando career as a Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer in the City of Bremerhaven, Germany. In 1998 he was invited to Direct the ballet in the City of Chemnitz where he stayed till 2000. In 2001 he got the same position in the City of Pforzheim, where He stayed one year moving then to Regensburg till 2003.

In the middle of Season 2003/04, Ricardo Fernando starts his Artistic Direction at the theatre Hagen.

Ricardo Fernando works as a guest choreographer in Germany, Japan, Brazil, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy.
From the Season 2017/2018, Ricardo Fernando will be the Ballet Director and Chief Choreographer of the Ballet Augsburg.


Voices, was originally created for the Dance Platform in Düsseldorf 2013, Choreography Ricardo Fernando, balletthagen, dancers Ana Rocha Nene and Huy Tien Tran, music pust.
"Voices" have being danced in several Dance Galas with a great success of Public and Critic. Also presented in the evening "Kopf biss Fuss" in the Ulm's city hall in August 2018, performed by Lorenzo Ponteprimo and lnes Meißner.

Original cast
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