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What a waste

Be part of my creation

as you are part of this situation.


Don't be shy and throw me some food,

that I won't think you are rude.

There is just one easy rule,

like when we were in school.

Please wait the end of the first song.

Don't start immediately like King Kong!

You have to join me the second of the two times

so that we give some sense to all these rhymes.


This is just a collective reflection,

don't step out, we are going in the same direction.

One of the most prominent problems of our global society is the unbalanced reality of wealth and food distribution on the planet. It’s known that we produce food for more than ten billions people, but somehow, even if we are around seven billion, half of the planet it’s starving. One of the reasons of this huge waste is the habit the we (western society cultures) have of wanting all kinds of food in every season in each supermarket. This childish caprice is clearly unsustainable and my opinion is that this system takes care more the financial aspect than the respect for nature and human rights. With my solo I would like to make people realize one more time (because I believe everybody knows this subject) what we are responsible of, in other then, to behave differently or even try to find together better solutions.

All the food was used for this performance was collected from supermarkets that were obligated to throw it away. We could have this food only after we guaranteed them that was for artistic use only. 

A special thanks to all the FOSSIFIGO crew. Without their help I would have never be able to realize my idea.


the seemingly controversial choice of out fit it is not intended has a poor representation and personification of people with sub-Saharan origins, witch I am totally and firmly against. It was a critic towards the meat industry, in connection the the topic of food waste, representing the division we make of animal bodies for meat consumption. 

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