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Lorenzo Ponteprimo




Lorenzo Ponteprimo is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Before graduating from Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy, he studied arts, in the design and architecture department, at the high school of Torino and Parma. His movement background consists of various sports, Hip-Hop, musical theatre, many others dance styles becoming than specialized in contemporary dance. As a dancer he peformed all over Europe and he worked with choreographers such as Conny Janssen, Regina van Berkel (ex Forsythe), Nanine Linning, Edan Gorlicki (ex Batsheva, Itzi Galili, Club Guy and Roni), Domenico Strazzeri, Ricardo Fernando, Eric Trottier (ex Jiri Kylian), David Zambrano (month intensive), Didier Theron and Eva Borrmann.

As a choreographer he made in 2015 “Children of Vanilla” under the the young choreographers program: “Unframed”, of the Heidelberg Theatre and Nanine Linning Dance Company. He’s co-creation with Iacopo Loliva “Antenna (prova 1)”, was selected for “Heidelberg Tanz Biennale” and the “Tankturm Fest” in 2017. He also participated in the 2018 edition of “GUMMITWIST”, a program for young choreographers at the Theater Felina Areal in Mannheim. He choreographed “TRUMPET” in 2018 for Strado Compagnia Danza, Ulm. The year after, Lorenzo and Cecilia Ponteprimo presented “Antenna (Prova 2)” in Freier Tanz im Delta festival, in Felina Theatre, Mannheim and in public schools to reach young audience.  2020 saw the creation of “Justaminimaldance” for Professione Danza Parma, Parma (IT).

As a teacher he is developing since the last years his own method. His practice is meant to be for students of all levels, nationalities and discipline. His work as coach and teacher focuses on unlocking creative behaviour with a series of specially designed exercised and approaches towards performing art. The environment in wich the practice is best performed is in a creative an artistic free space, that merges the safety of a consequence free environment with the experience value and direct feedback of the practice. 

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